North Leather Co.

Made In The U.S.A

Founder of North Leather Co., Daniel McGinn, has one main goal - to create quality leather goods lasting a lifetime. Daniel’s lifelong passion for creative endeavors fuels his music, his photography and his leather-craft. Each item he designs is unique, and each item tells its own story while aging elegantly.

I’ve always enjoyed making things with my bare hands; it’s in my blood. In the Pacific North West there’s a strong DIY mentality so I find I am inspired by the things going on around me. In a world of mass produced products I take pride in making handmade leather goods.
— daniel mcginn

The Idea

North strives to be authentic in everything we do. We create goods with the purpose of utility, longevity and style. Products created for longevity are one of our main goals. Cutting corners isn't an idea we subscribe to.

Being able to manufacture goods here in the U.S. brings great satisfaction to us and our customers. Goods created close to home just makes sense. It's planet friendly and ensures we have our eye on the quality of materials we purchase.

Style & Quality

North's style is ever evolving and always striving to be unique. We try to approach each design from a minimalist stand point. Negative space is key in striking balance.

Our quality is the result of hard work, choice materials, and long hours in pursuit of perfection. Each product is of heirloom quality, gaining a stylish patina over time. If properly maintained, you can pass these items down to younger generations.

100% Handmade

Our products are cut by hand, dyed and then hand buffed to create a deep, rich color. We then sew each individual piece with a strong and durable stitching process so that your purchase will seriously outlast those mass produced items.

We feel good that all our products are made from high quality leather recycled from the meat packing industry. Doing our part to reduce waste and striving to live lightly on the planet is a core company value.